Postpartum Testimonial. Thanks Claudia!

I came to Nick 6 weeks post-partum needing to lose the last 6 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was freaking out about all the changes my body had undergone, but Nick calmed me down and explained that instead of just focusing on weight loss or certain areas of my body he would train me to improve my body as a whole. His workouts are truly designed to work the entire body. He encourages you and mixes things up so it is never boring. Almost 3 months later I’ve lost 11 pounds and gained strength and endurance!


I got so much more out of my training with Nick than I would have with a traditional gym membership. Nick is professional, stays current with all the latest goings on in the world of health and fitness, and has a wealth of knowledge. As a result, I feel that his workouts are highly effective and are conducted in a safe way. Nick is also very approachable and easy to get along with. I’ve always felt comfortable expressing my questions and concerns.

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